C6 Web-flow System

Benefits of C6 Web-flow System to companies

  • Provides an internet platform for different parties to work in collaboration.
  • Help companies to define and organize their work processes and enforce correct procedures.
  • Management and operations staff can enjoy high visibility on project status.
  • Provide a central library for supporting documents. Documents are filed in the most natural
    and easily accessible way.
  • Provides audit trail on work process actions done by each user.

C6 Web-flow System Features

  • Support multiple workflows and each with a unique user group eg. HR recruitment workflow is used by HR department staff; whereas cargo surveying workflow used by shipping department staff.
  • Each workflow supports 9-steps user-definable work processes. Upon completion of each work process, automated e-mail notification will be sent to downstream process owner as action reminder.
  • Each work process can store 4 different groups of supporting documents eg. Commercial invoice, surveyor report & packing list. In each document group, system will store multiple version of the documents in any format with version control logic.
  • Intuitive project clarity screen shows status of project in each work process by displaying different color & supporting documents available.
  • Inquiry function on actions history by each user in each project.

Applications of C6 Web-flow

  • Recruitment process of HR department
  • Customer complaints handling process of a retail chain
  • Survey and cargo claims process of a trading company
  • Purchasing requisition workflow of a jewelry company