Bedford provides expert UX design for responsive websites with established Content Management System (CMS). We recommend the appropriate CMS (Drupal, Magento, WordPress) to customers depends on their project budget and the nature of the website.

We also develop application program interfaces (API) to connect websites to customer’s business systems.

Bedford develops IOS and Android Apps for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Promotion. We also develop iPad specific apps (BeePOS) which can be function as  i-cataglogue, POS station and Quotation generator. For Android users, we offers C6 AnPOS (Android Apps) which is integrated on Android based scanner as a mini-POS station.

C6 ERP system, is the center unit of the Bedford’s business solutions suite. C6 ERP integrates all business activities of an enterprise in order processing, accounting, manufacturing, human resources and retailing seamlessly and hence offers a comprehensive and efficient operations and management platform for a company. The seamless integration allows user to enter any data once and only once while having the ability to share it throughout your organization and even with your business partners.

Bedford can support full-range or modular implementations of C6 ERP subject to the business models of our customers. Our consulting and development teams are well experienced in providing secondary system development to support special features or modules requested by customers.



Modules Available:

  • Order Processing
  • Logistics Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Accounting
  • Web Clarity
  • E-Commerce
  • Industry specific solutions

C6 Jewelry ERP system is specially designed for jewelry manufacturers and trading companies to handle increasing customer demands of reduced lead times, lower prices, and stricter quality standards. It is ready-to-use as well as customizable to meet your company’s unique operation which results in greater efficiency and save costs.

C6 Jewelry addresses end-to-end functions involved in jewelry manufacturing and trading. It caters from order processing to purchasing, production, inventory, returns & repairs, shipments and these modules are fully integrated with accounting. The system can also manage consignment and subcontracting which are commonly found in the jewelry industry.


Major Modules :

  • Order Processing
  • Logistics Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Accounting
  • Web Clarity
  • E-Commerce
  • Industry specific solutions


Major Functions and Features :

  • Product Development Management
  • Silver/Rubber Molds Management
  • Customer Division Pricing
  • Order Material Status
  • Customer Memo Tracking
  • Gold Statement
  • Gold Requisition
  • Gold Loss and Wastage Management
  • Shop Floor Department Transfer with Finger-Print
  • Stones Return/Lost/Broken Management
  • Wax Production Inquiry
  • Gold Casting Management
  • Workers Job History and WIP
  • Scrap and Rework Management
  • Web-based Production Progress Reporting
  • Production WIP Tracking
  • Material Consignment from Customers/Suppliers
  • Finished Products Consignment to Customers
  • Return and Repair Management
  • Barcode Tag Printing

C6 POS system is designed to equip retailers to meet challenges to out perform their competition, manage multiple sales channels, enhance customer shopping experience and obtain the right merchandise assortments. It includes everything that is needed to run retail operations from procurement, inventory management, customer relations management to cashier operations.

Retailer’s back-office via C6 POS will be fully updated on sales performance, merchandise status and customer shopping behaviors and in turn, can react to these information by generating new retail or operations strategies via C6 POS.



Major Modules :

  • Cashier Operations
  • Pricing and Promotion
  • CRM
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Performance Analysis
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Staff Attendance Management
  • Web Sales & Stock Inquiries
  • Industry specific solutions for Furniture, Interior Design, Salon, Mobile,Fashion, Computer shops



Major Screens and System Functions :

  • Shop Master
  • Item Master
  • Color & Size Assortment Master
  • Vendor Master
  • Customer Master
  • Warehouse Master
  • User Manager (Individual or Group settings)
  • Back-office & Shop Communication Management
  • Volume Discount
  • Free Gift Promotion
  • Seasonal Sales by Brands / Category
  • Package Sales
  • VIP / Customer Class Discount
  • Coupon Discount
  • Sales Invoice Processing
  • Sales Return and Exchange
  • Customer Credit Note
  • Deposit Order Processing
  • Customer Quotation
  • Multiple Sales Screen
  • Sales Performance Charts and Graphics
  • Multiple Payment Method
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Stock Replenishment
  • Stock Take
  • Inventory Inquiry & Analysis
  • All inquiries are flexible and can use multiple criteria to sort relevant information
  • Product Information inquiry
  • Stock Balance Inquiry
  • Stock Transaction History Inquiry
  • Customer Consumption History Inquiry
  • Customer Particular Inquiry
  • Report Generators for Sales & Inventory Analysis
  • Best Selling items Report
  • Item Sell Through Analysis Report
  • More…
  • Wholesales Order Processing
  • Customer Receivables Management
  • Web Sales and Inventory Inquiry
  • Interface to Popular Accounting software
  • Integrated to C6 HR & C6 Accounting
  • Wholesales Order Processing
  • Customer Receivables Management

C6 HRMS is a comprehensive, dynamic and flexible solution which dramatically reduces workload in your company. It is a modular system. Each of the modules can be implemented separately, or combined to form an all-in-one fully integrated Personnel system.

C6 supports piece work, guaranteed minimum piece work, salaried work, or any combination of those within a single work. It is fully integrated with all types of proximity cards for automated attendance data gathering.





Major Modules :

  • Leave Management
  • Roster Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Allowance Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Commission Management
  • Training Management


Major Functions and Features :

  • Employees Job and Training History
  • Compatible with IRD tax formats
  • Payroll formats to major banks
  • MPF formats to major banks
  • Roster Setting and Maintenance
  • Attendance Data Upload
  • Commission Calculation and Maintenance
  • Leave Entitlement Calculation
  • Allowance Calculation and Maintenance
  • Staff Turnover and Sickness Rates Analysis
  • Training Costs Analysis
  • Training Subsidy Control
  • Training Evaluation
  • Training Budget Management
  • Payroll Data Import
  • Flexible Payroll Preparation
  • User-definable Payment and Deduction Types
  • Multiple Criteria Payroll Inquiry
  • Multiple Criteria Leave Inquiry
  • Payroll History and Statistics

C6 Order Processing System starts with a powerful quotation module with detail breakdowns and cost calculations functions. From there, C6 takes care your business process from order taking to invoicing and everything in between. Whether your business models are trading, sub-contracting or manufacturing or a combination of the above, C6 Order Processing System takes care your order, shipping and billing processes efficiently and with great control. System supports order partial delivery, consolidated invoicing, packing list, pro-forma invoice and commercial invoice generation.


Major Modules :

  • Sales quotation
  • Sales order
  • Purchasing
  • Shipment scheduling
  • Inventory management
  • Assembly production
  • Delivery order
  • Packing list and shipping documents
  • Sales invoice

C6 Accounting System is a complete, multi-tiered business management system in providing full access to accounting system, which comprises General Ledger, Account Receivable and Account Payable. Full system integration of C6 Accounting with C6 ERP modules helps to avoid repetitive entries.


Major Modules :

  • General Ledger
  • Account Receivable
  • Account Payable
  • Financial Reporting
  • Analysis and Inquiry
  • Project and departmental accounting


Modules Available:

  • Full integration with order processing, purchasing and inventory modules
  • Trial month-end year-end closing
  • Trial booking closing without voucher posting
  • Inquiries for GL, A/R and A/P Modules
  • Customer and Vendor Statements
  • Exchange rate difference handling
  • Multiple Accounting Period
  • Petty cash functions
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Data Exportable to MS Excel, CVS, Access formats

C6 E-Commerce Solutions are a series of web-based solutions developed with latest Microsoft DotNET framework, with the purpose to enable C6 Solutions users to operate their business on the internet platform.
On the second that an order is inputted into C6 ERP system, authorized users (for example, personnel from overseas offices or customers) will be able to access their need-to-know information immediately.
Remote users can also input or upload orders via websites powered by C6 E-Commerce Solutions and on operations completions, system will automatically generate order acknowledgement & e-mail alert will be sent to right parties.


Major Modules :

  • Retails Clarity
  • Order Clarity
  • Merchandising Clarity
  • E-Order Taking
  • Order Schedule on-demand
  • Customer Statement on-demand
  • Warehousing Clarity

The merchandising operations is a critical process that supply the right products at the right timing to generate revenue for a company. Large amount of data (for example, quotation, product specification, sample status, delivery schedule) will be handled for each new product.

C6 Merchandising Clarity masters the whole merchandising workflow (request for quotation, supplier quotation, request for sample, supplier sample). It’s a operations platform that provides merchandisers the necessary support to handle their day to day work by reducing their manual workload and their reduce chance of making error. In the meantime, management will have a high visibility on project status and receive alert on projects that need their attention.


Major Modules :

  • Request for Quotation
  • Request for Sample
  • Supplier Quotation
  • Supplier Sample
  • Project History Inquiry & Reports
  • Project Progress E-mail Alert
  • Supplier Portal
  • Integration with C6 Order Processing






C6 Office Automation (OA) System is a suite of software designed to support “paperless office” and allow different parties of a business operations to work in collaboration through an intranet/ internet platform.

C6 OA system improves operations efficiency by providing workflow control, e-mail notification, document control and action history tracking on a single easy-to-use platform.

C6 Web-Flow system and C6 Action Calendar are two OA applications developed to cater companies’ needs to automate their operations from different perspectives.


C6 Web-flow System :



C6 Action Calendar System :


Created in 1983, Cegid Group is the leading French provider of enterprise management solutions. Cegid is included in the European Top 10, with more than 2,000 employees and €241.1 million in annual sales.

Cegid Group acquired Vcstimeless in 2008, the new retail division represents 1,000 retailers and 20,000 stores across 62 countries, 350 staff and revenues of more than €45M, 30% of which is generated from the international markets.

Bedford Technologies represents retails solutions from Cegid Group in Greater China Region and is ready to service Cegid customers who want to have presence in the region.

Some of Cegid Group’s Customers


The Drug Weighing Management System (DWMS) is designed to automate and control the drug Weighing, mixing and release processes of a hospital’s drug dispensing Unit.

The implementation of DWMS improves drug dispensing unit’s operations efficiency and eliminate chances of human errors in the overall work process. The DWMS integrates hardware included label printers, electronic balance, bar-code scanners which are commonly used in the drug dispensing process.




What is Warehouse Resources Management “WRM” ?

WRM is about the efficient utilization and allocation of warehouse resources (Workers, equipment, storage space) to complete operations task at lowest cost.

“SimWRM” is a simulation game developed jointly by Bedford Technologies Ltd and ISE Department of the Polytechnics University with the purpose to enrich students knowledge in WRM through an interest-based, guided, self-assessing, interactive, computer-aided learning environment.

In SimWRM, students will assume the roles of a warehouse operations manager who will set up the warehouse, procure equipments, and deploy warehouse resources to handle customer storage orders, handles different operations scenarios and most importantly, maximize the warehouse operations profit after a certain operations period.


Take-away from SimWRM

1. Practical knowledge of logistics and warehouse operations
2. Hands-on experience of how to operate a Warehouse Management system (WMS)
3. Guided learning on some established warehouses resources management methodologies