Bumps-to-Babes – One-Stop Shop Selling Maternity Wears to Newborn Essentials- Grows with Bedford C6 POS System

Bumps-to-Babes – One-Stop Shop Selling Maternity Wears to Newborn Essentials-Grows with Bedford C6 POS System



Bumps-to-Babes, founded in Hong Kong since 2002, is the leading retailer of maternity wears to newborn essentials providing one-stop convenience to customers. Bumps-to-Babes offers a wide selection of products, which has grown since they expanded their outlet recently. To increase their exposures, Bumps-to-Babes advertised extensively in the Hong Kong best selling English Newspaper South China Morning Post. By quoting customer’s feedback from the reputable www.Google.com:“(Bumps-to-Babes) is one of the biggest (maternity and newborn essentials) shops in HK, … definitely worth making at least ONE trip (for visit)”. Although it is their first retail outlet in Hong Kong, Bumps-to-Babes knows at the very beginning how important a scalable point-of-sale system with comprehensive functions would help their business. Among those POS software offerings in Hong Kong, Bumps-to-Babes has selected Bedford’s solution, for its powerful software functions and one-stop service.


Bedford Point-of-Sale System

Bumps-to-Babes have three important criteria when choosing a proper POS software solution:
1. As it is their first store in Hong Kong, the management prefers a POS software vendor who provides a one-stop
service, from hardware fixtures and networking to the software installation.
2. Even though Bumps-to-Babes only needs an economical single-shop version of POS solution for its first store,
the software must be scalable to cope with future expansion.

By choosing Bedford’s C6 POS, Bumps-to-Babes has reaped the significant benefits of the following:
1. Enjoy one-stop service as Bedford offers a tailor-made package from hardware election to software installation, which save the management time and effort to set up a computer system.
2. Minimize their initial investment outlay by using a single-shop version for its first store, which is scalable to multi-
store version is taken into consideration for future expansions.


“We grow with Bedford!!” – Bumps-to-Babes

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