Leading Surface Finishing Manufacturer Jing Mei Group Has Adopted Bedford C6 Manufacturing Software

Leading Surface Finishing Manufacturer Jing Mei Group Has Adopted Bedford C6 Manufacturing Software


Founded in 1968, Jing Mei was one of the few companies in Hong Kong specializing in the electroplating of plastic-resin products. With over 30 years of developments, Jing Mei has now expanded to a vertically integrated surface finishing organization with 2 subsidiaries in the USA, 3 major production plants in China (Shenzhen, Pan Yu and HK) and 5 representative offices in China, Europe & the USA.

Today Jing Mei and its affiliates are engaged in the surface finishing industry, i.e. from raw materials trading, equipment trading and further design fabrication of complete process systems, which is well known as an application service provider. To cope with the fast-growing business and precise division of work in production plants, Jing Mei keeps looking for a comprehensive solution to enhance better control in their manufacturing procedures. Bedford C6 Manufacturing Software is finally selected by Jing Mei, for its effective control of production plant workflows and system features which customized for small-to-medium manufacturing enterprises in the South China.


Bedford C6 Manufacturing Solution

As Jing Mei has grown into a surface finishing organization with vertically integrated service and
established 3 production plants, the challenges they are facing include:

1. They need to exercise comprehensive & automatic production plant control.
2. Production flexibility is required upon customer’s urgent request of early factory order delivery.

By leveraging Bedford C6 Manufacturing software, Jing Mei has achieved the following
1.Achieve production plant precise division of works which are automatically coordinated. Therefore any delay in any production step could be easily identified. Remedy actions could be taken accordingly.
2. Easily measure the impact of any early factory order delivery in terms of production time & inventory by manufacturing software system. Hence production priority could be adjusted at once to meet urgent request.


“Our stock level is reduced and production scheduling is under full control with C6 Manufacturing.” – Jing Mei Industrial Limited

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About Bedford Technologies Limited – Provides Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Point-of-Sale (POS) and Enterprises
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