C6 Manufacturing Clarity Seamlessly Integrated with Existing Systems in Jewellery Manufacturer, Distributor and Exporter New Time Corporation Limited

C6 Manufacturing Clarity Seamlessly Integrated with Existing Systems in Jewellery Manufacturer, Distributor and Exporter New Time Corporation Limited



New Time Corporation Limited is a China-Hong Kong medium-sized enterprise with its headquarters in Hong Kong and factory located in Hua Du, Guangdong province. The jewellery factory built up of Hua Du is more than 12,000 m2 while the capacity is more than 1000 workers. The annual production is approximately 500,000 pieces of bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings and etc. which made up by diamond, jewel, pearl, gold and white gold that mainly sold to more than 4000 retail outlets in the US. To cope with its expanding business and strengthen the link between headquarters and factory, New Time has selected Bedford C6 Manufacturing Clarity software among the local offerings in the market, for its seamless integration with other existing software systems.


Bedford C6 Manufacturing Clarity Solution New Time has two specific criteria in selecting a suitable
accounting system:

1. Seamless integration with the existing systems. New Time has established some well-developed software systems in sales and marketing activities, production control and web content management. As such it is crucial that introduction of new system is seamlessly integrable with the existing ones.
2. Enhancement for its China-Hong Kong operations. The management in Hong Kong headquarters could access the system remotely to review the real time operations of the production plant.


Utilizing Bedford C6 Manufacturing Clarity, New Time has gained benefits of the following: 

1. Additional investment is evitable as existing software systems could be integrated. Only minimal
modifications to C6 Manufacturing Clarity are required in order to execute seamless integration because of its
flexibility and logical system design. Order status, material status, shipment status and etc. could handily be
prepared as no other manual data migration is necessary among the systems.
2. Bedford assisted New Time to establish a centralized database for its China-Hong Kong operations which enhanced by C6 Manufacturing Clarity. Data integrity is guaranteed as the personnel are working on the same database. With the Clarity System, management could access the system anywhere and anytime through internet in monitoring the real time operations of the business.



“C6 Manufacturing Clarity guarantees data integrity both in our China and Hong Kong offices and we could still remotely control the business even when we are on business trip. We are looking forward to employ other C6 series.” – New Time Corporation Limited

About New Time Corporation Limited – Jewellery manufacture, distributor and exporter with factory in Guangdong and headquarters in Hong Kong producing more than 500,000 pieces of jewel per year. Website: www.newtimecorp.com.

About Bedford Technologies Limited – Provides Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Point-of-Sale (POS) and Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) solutions especially for small-to-medium size enterprises in both Hong Kong and Mainland China.